Thursday, June 4, 2015

on seeing auras

Long before I actually was able to discern the human energy field, I was fascinated by the idea of seeing auras. The amazing thing about it is that literally anyone can do it. Kind of like singing. I think there are different levels of inherent talent, if you will, but just about any human being can open their mouth and sing out a note, even if it doesn't sound amazing. Once you understand how the mind's eye works, you can see lots of things.
Aura via Kirlian photography. Image here.

The Basics

The way I see auras is not with the physical eyes, but the spiritual eyes. Okay, and sometimes with the physical eyes. But mostly just the spiritual eyes. Because of the nature of spiritual vision, you don't need to be physically present with someone to see their aura. Also, you can view a person's aura over time--like check in with it from a year ago, or ten years ago, and see what it looked like then. This is true for all energetic vision, auric or otherwise.

Layers of energy

The human energy field is very, very layered. For me, I only tend to see one layer at a time--either the layer that just comes into my mind through a flash of insight, or else the layer I ask to see. For example, in my healing work, when it comes to auras, I tend to not even look at colors or anything like that. I look for holes. What comes up is kind of a sense of knowing where the auric holes are, but I don't end up noting any colors or shapes involved. If people ask about their aura's colors, I have to look another time with the specific intention of observing colors. So when I do aura work on people, I usually don't end up with a clear image of the entirety of the aura. Just if there were holes or not, or where the holes were.

Looking for colors
Auric layers. Image here.

First off, you'll want to do the exercise I posted here. Observe your own third eye and make sure it is open. If it's not open, you can make an executive decision to open it. Just decide that it will be open now and tweak the symbolism around it until it is the way that you want. This may not last for long, but it may last long enough for you to view a human aura.

Secondly, you'll want to gently call up the idea of the person whose colors you want to view. Don't try too hard. Just think of the person and see if you feel the ideas of any particular colors coming into view. For example, you might think of a person and get the idea of mostly spring green and a splash of purple. If you think about where the purple is, you might see it over the third eye. Or you might get the idea of seven colors, earthy in tone. Focusing more deeply you might get a sense of ceramic reds, mustardy yellows, dark greens, etc. Then you would set the intention to know where each color is centralized to.

These colors may come more as ideas than as precise sight, if that makes sense. The trick is to take those hunches seriously. I wouldn't expect to see these images in your mind the same way you see things with your eyes open; it's more of a perception of the ideas of color.

Muscle testing on aura color vision

As it turns out, your own subconscious mind registers other people's auric coloration without your conscious input. So you can also just muscle test as yourself on what other people's colors are.

The thing to be careful of here is filters. Muscle test to find out if you are wearing any sort of covering over your spiritual eyes, such as blindfolds or glasses. You might find rose-colored glasses, just like the cliche, or another color, that interferes with your ability to see another person's coloration clearly. A blindfold will keep your vision dark. To remove those things, you can just decide to remove them and then muscle test until you test positive that they are gone.
Rose colored glasses. Image here.

Some energetic glasses are good--they can contribute to clearer seeing. So if you have clarity-enhancing energetic glasses on that are not interfering with color observations, you can keep them!


"Seeing" auras is something that everyone can do--we just have to maybe change the understanding of what it means to "see." You can double-check your hunches through muscle testing.

I am planning an online class on perceiving the human energy field. More details later.

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