Thursday, May 22, 2014

book list

Several people have asked for my book list lately, so I thought I'd make a post about it so everyone can have access to it. I theoretically plan to update this list as I read more helpful books! These are affiliate links so if you want to get these books and you like me, feel free to buy them through the links provided. ;o)

1. The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. This book is a fast read and immediately applicable. I got it in the morning, and in the afternoon I was already able to put it to use. Since I started using this technique I've discovered a lot of ways to use it that are not covered in the book, but it's very good. This book teaches how to release the emotions from past events that have yet to be fully processed.

2. Theta Healing: Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality by Vianna Stibal. This book can get pretty weird in places and please let me state that I do not endorse it 100%. However, the techniques have been pretty effective for me. This book shows you how to put the brain in a conscious, waking theta state and make desired changes to the subconscious mind.

3. Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden. This book is fairly dense with information and kind of hard to read--the exercises are randomly scattered throughout the book and it's hard to find what you need when you need it, if that makes sense. But this was my first textbook on energy medicine and it has some good stuff in it.

4. The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity: "Your guide to Finding Meaning in Coincidences Big and Small" by Trish MacGregor and Rob MacGregor. I can't endorse this whole book but the first half, at least, was a good introduction for me to the concept of synchronicity. Synchronicity is important to me to understand because it is how God answers a lot of my prayers (and probably how He answers some of yours too, if you think about it!).

5. The Touch of Healing: Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit With Jin Shin Jyutsu by Alice Burmeister. This book was one of my first introductions to hands-on healing and it was pretty enlightening. I read it once and should probably read it again. It has a lot of information and diagrams and useful stuff. The biggest thing I took away from it was finger postures.

6. The Face Reader: Discover Anyone's Personality, Compatibility, Talents, and Challenges Through Chinese Face Reading by Patrician McCarthy. This book is so fascinating. It teaches you how to read a person's face. Funny story: I had noticed for years that one of my best friends exhibited a particular facial symbol that made no sense. I figured the book was wrong or that I wasn't able to read faces. In the end, it turned out that this friend had been hiding a major secret--that exactly corresponded with the facial marking I thought I had misread. Win for Chinese face reading! I'm not an expert at this but I turn to this book again and again. So useful--now that I know I can trust it!

7.The Lightworkers Way by Doreen Virtue. The author shares her spiritual awakening and then explains how she reads people, how to help people forgive, and other good stuff. Actually, I should re-read this one. The second half of the book is an instruction manual of sorts that was very useful to me the first time I read it.

8. Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potentialby Caroline Myss. This one explains the concept of archetypes, and how to use them to gain a greater perspective on our life purpose and interactions with others.

I'll add more to this list as it comes to me. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the book list, Allie. I appreciate having all of these reads all in one place. I'm looking forward to checking out: ' The Touch of Healing: Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit With Jin Shin Jyutsu.'