Saturday, August 6, 2016

emotions as viruses

Hello all! We moved to Utah. So if you're in Utah and want to chill, reach out and let's play.

Here is a thought I just had.

I've been research Epstein Barr lately. Not very thoroughly yet; just started my research. My aunt is also an energy worker and said that virtually everyone who sees her for chronic illness actually has this disease.

More on that later, but I thought of how I witness emotions. The emotions themselves are made of small particles that are lodged in various places in the body.

I wondered: what if these tiny emotion molecules are akin to viruses? Smaller than cells, sometimes attacking cells, digging deep into organs and causing emotional infections--perhaps emotional infections that appear viral....

Just chronicling the idea here for future pondering.


  1. So I think you and my sister would get a long fantastically and need to meet. Sometime we should make that happen. Plus I'd love to see you again. ;)

  2. What part of Utah? I am in Davis County.