Thursday, August 18, 2016

Full Moon tonight

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We are currently in the throes of a full moon and an eclipse. Obligatory link to the Gospel and Reading the Stars.

This moon, the so-called Sturgeon Moon, is supposed to be a moon of chaos. You may have already been feeling the upheaval.

Just two days ago I was having some emotional upheaval, and as I asked God why, the nearly-full moon came into my sight. Last night, two of my children were up nearly all night with screaming nightmares. (My favorite: "SHE WON'T STOP EATING  MY FOOD!" #worstnightmareever #siblingrivalry)

Everything is energy and big planetary energies affect us and we affect them. In my opinion, we and the stars reflect each other--it's not about telling the future, it's about finding our mirror in the moment.

Make time for self care today and tonight. When you experience emotional upheaval, breathe on through it. The earth is upgrading and rising in vibration. Read about the gospel and the vibrational shift here.

Another article on our current shift quotes astrologer Sarah Varcas:

It may be a rude awakening, especially if the stark lunar light reveals it is we who have painted ourselves into a corner, not external circumstances conspiring against us,” explained astrologist Sarah Varcas. “Whilst such insights are a bitter pill to swallow, this is just the first stage: a nudge from the universe to embrace our past selves, not chastise them.
Embrace yourself and remember to do some kundalini yoga for the full moon. Here is information about kundalini meditation basics. You can do it!

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