Tuesday, August 16, 2016

on kundalini

"Kundalini" is the Indian name for the energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine. For most people, it lies dormant their whole lives, at or around or below the root chakra. The fact that most people's kundalini is stalled there is evident in how most people spend their lives fixated on issues of the root chakra: food, sex, money.

Under the right conditions, the kundalini sparks. Every bit of spiritual anatomy needs to be in place--you need your chakras and your sushmana-ida-pingala, which I call the caduceus. Under trauma, those bits of anatomy can flee. So if they have fled they need to be called back. 

For the kundalini to spark, there's a lot of different things that can do it. It's a physical and spiritual process. So doing physical yoga, sitting in a certain position long enough while working at the computer, that can spark it. It's also spiritual, so particular spiritual experiences can spark it. If you come into contact with someone whose kundalini has fully risen, it can spark it. My kundalini is fully risen and I have prayed for the gift of sparking the kundalini of those who come within 6 feet of my person. So if you come hang out with me and conditions are right, your kundalini will spark! ;)

Kundalini energy then can stall, though, from blocks in either the physical spine or in the sushmana, what you might call the energetic spine. Usually these are self-imposed blocks of things that need healing.

As they heal, the kundalini moves up the spine. It has completed its rising when it goes up through the back of the head, over the top of the head, ending around the forehead/eyes/sixth chakra area.

Being both physical and spiritual, it's normal to experience a spiritual awakening, a bigger drive to go to the temple, read scriptures, listen to the prophets. At the same time, during the actual rise, you can experience the "kundalini flu" as your body adjusts to the much, much higher vibrational level. Dizziness, buzzing in the limbs and extremities, general fatigue and weird body feels. That's normal. Your nervous system is expanding in power and awareness.

As the kundalini rises, archetypes are able to switch out. They cannot switch out without a corresponding kundalini rise. If any of you are familiar with archetypes. So basically it ends up being a whole personality shift.

When people's kundalini has risen, you can tell. It will feel like a spiritual sense of knowingness that their spinal column is a lot "brighter" than other people's. If you imagine their energy, it will show up in your imagination almost as if it is on fire.

You can begin the kundalini awakening process via kundalini meditation.

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