Saturday, August 20, 2016

energetic elimination pathways

Lately I've been doing a lot of vaccine-related work. I don't think I've posted about them here yet, but I will. The short version is: they're bad news.

A little relevant background reading on epigenetics and gene expression.

What I'm finding is that most people have very blocked elimination pathways. This is one of very many reasons why vaccination can cause so many problems. The elimination pathways refer to how the body eliminates waste, and unusable or toxic material. Physically, there are four elimination pathways: the two bathroom functions, exhalation, and sweating or otherwise excreting waste through the skin (which is what's happening when you're suffering from eczema and other skin problems like that--the body is excreting waste through the skin and it causes irritation).

When the physical elimination pathways are blocked, it leads to both physical and emotional problems. The clearer your elimination pathways are, the more easily physical toxins like traces of plastic or metal from your food can clear, and the more easily emotional trauma can pass through you and on out.

So anyway, lately I've been doing a lot of unblocking clogged elimination pathways.

Just now I was commanding for a client's organs to download an understanding of HOW to eliminate toxins safely, and when I was witnessing the downloading, I saw a fifth elimination pathway appear: the aura. There was an understanding that her aura was also an elimination pathway, allowing more external energetic things like broadcast signals, memory fields, and so on to pass through her space and on out. If the aura is clogged, you may have trouble detoxing from the things you pass through--walking near people having a troubled conversation, overhearing a fight, etc.

Looking at myself, I'm finding a solid dozen energetic elimination pathways. I'm not sure what they all are yet, but will keep investigating. All of mine look happy and healthy, so that's good. Will find out more as I troubleshoot them for others!


Clearing blocks from the elimination pathway will help things move on out. It's not just physical elimination organs and pathways that need to be open; energetic pathways also need to be clear to process energetic toxins.

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  1. I would be interested in learning more re: my children. x