Thursday, March 2, 2017

Blasting Fascia to Heal Emotions

I've been working with bodies for a long time now, but it's only been recently I got into FASCIA. I am so excited to share this information with you--fascia is crazy amazing and taking good care of it can make a world of difference for your body!! But even more than that, it can make a difference for your EMOTIONS. This is a post about the fascia-emotion connection and why I have started recommending Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster to my emotion-work clients.

First: where are emotions stored?

If you're not familiar with the groundbreaking work of Candace Pert, you should be. Candace Pert (now deceased) was a neuropharmacologist and incredible researcher. From her website, here is a basic overview of some of her vitally important research (some of the emphasis in the original, some of it mine):

Picture of Candace Pert from Wikipedia
It’s amazing to think of our glands, organs, tissues and cells as storage places for emotion and memory, yet this was given explanation through the scientific research of Dr. Candace Pert, a neuropharmacologist who worked at the NIH and Georgetown University Medical Center.  Candace famously stated that “Your body is your subconscious mind. Our physical body can be changed by the emotions we experience.”[1] . Dr Pert explains: 
“A feeling sparked in our mind-or body-will translate as a peptide being released somewhere. [Organs, tissues, skin, muscle and endocrine glands], they all have peptide receptors on them and can access and store emotional information. This means the emotional memory is stored in many places in the body, not just or even primarily, in the brain. You can access emotional memory anywhere in the peptide/receptor network, in any number of ways. I think unexpressed emotions are literally lodged in the body.  The real true emotions that need to be expressed are in the body, trying to move up and be expressed and thereby integrated, made whole, and healed.
This is what all my work is based on: the idea that the human body stores our emotions, and that our emotions can cause physical problems, and that when we clear emotional problems we can clear our physical problems.

FASCIA is important because it is a tissue of the body--and can store emotions just like all the other tissues of the body. But in a way it's even more important than other tissues of the body, for reasons I'll discuss below.

What is fascia?

The first time I heard of fascia was maybe a year ago, when I was recently postpartum with Kid #3. It was my first time ever getting real massages, and at one point my massage therapist told me she was doing a "fascial release" technique of some kind. She explained that fascia is kind of this white goo that permeates muscles and helps them out. If your muscle is held in a certain way long enough, your fascia will in a way mold to that shape so that the muscles don't need to work so hard.

But then, unless you consciously release the fascia, it just keeps holding that shape until it is forced not to anymore.

That was my ultra basic understanding of fascia about a year ago.

At the time, the emotional and energetic implications were very clear to me. I had already noticed during the course of these massages that certain parts of my body seemed to hold different memory fields--when she would touch my arm, I would suddenly remember a piano lesson I hadn't thought about for 20 years, for example. Massage turns out to be a powerful energy healing modality that most people don't even realize they're experiencing.

But fascia!

My FasciaBlaster. The claws can act
as a comb for the fascia, breaking up
adhesions and other gunk.
It seemed to me that obviously fascia would store even more memory than muscle would. Since fascia weaves through virtually all the tissues of the body, strengthening and supporting those tissues so they can better perform their vital functions... of course if the body had a choice to store emotions in an organ or in fascia, it would choose fascia. That way the organs can still function, and the fascia can hold the dysfunctional emotions involved instead.

This also makes sense from a physical perspective. Say you have a really tense situation at work, or at home. When you think about it, you start to clench. Your stomach might tighten up. You might clench your jaw or tense your shoulders.

After a while, your muscles get tired, and the fascia decides to mold to that shape to strengthen your muscles and let them relax a little. As soon as that happens, the fascia is not just holding the position of the muscles, but also the "muscle memory" of the traumatic event that is causing the tension.

So basically: however much trauma from your life your muscles and organs are storing, your fascia is likely holding even more.

My observations

As soon as this occurred to me, I started examining clients with this in mind. My first client was myself. I found that I am currently holding 30x more trauma in my fascia than in the other tissues and organs of my body combined. I quickly scanned through a number of other clients and found that I am abnormal... because the next lowest person had SIXTY TIMES more trauma stored in their fascia than in the rest of their tissues combined, and one person had A THOUSAND TIMES more trauma stored in their fascia than their muscles.

DUH! All of a sudden it felt like I had unlocked a door to even more healing potential in myself and others. Several clients with body issues relatively unresponsive to other emotional intervention, I had been focusing on muscle and bones. As soon as I started working with that client's fascia... well, we found a whole new set of things to clear and work with. There is hope once again!

My littlest guy with his robot and
my FasciaBlaster!
More cool stuff about fascia

So I've been reading Ashley Black's book The Cellulite Myth--go check it out, guys--and it points out that "the very first cells of life are actually fascia cells. What is medically called a zygote is a cluster of living fascia cells, and we are created that way for a reason." YES! What a huge testament to the
emotional significance of fascia. We are literally formed of it from the beginning. Of COURSE it would hold an enormous amount of our emotions--emotions from conception forward and possibly even backward from there.

Black brings up Psalm 139:9, which states "You knit me together in my mother's womb." And she points out: FASCIA is what knit us together in our mother's womb. What.

If you're looking to heal yourself from the beginning to now, fascia seems like an obvious place to start the process!

But how?

When physically triggered, bodily tissues will release emotional trauma

All emotions are chemical, as established above--our bodies manufacture the chemicals of emotion that we experience. When we have an excess of an emotion, the physical molecules of excess emotion get lodged in our bodies, where they can cause problems. A good book that explores that more is The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson.

In my work, I find emotional residue in all tissues: bones, muscles, glands, organs, even skin--and I had never thought to check FASCIA regularly until recently. (It's come up before from time to time, but it hasn't been something I regularly check.) But sure enough, as I mentioned before, there are emotions hiding out there too!

And when do they come out? Well, you can get them out through energy and intuitive work like I do, but the other way to get the emotions out is to physically trigger them.

You need to "trigger" your fascia.

Just like in a massage, when your muscles are massaged and memories and emotions come up, when the fascia is moved around and addressed, the memories and emotions it stores also come up. This is how to clear your emotions manually.

Enter the FasciaBlaster.

So guys, I need to apologize in advance because this might come off as sales-y, but I really don't mean it to be. I totally don't know Ashley Black, and I do not get compensated in any way for talking about the FasciaBlaster. But I have to tell you guys about the product because, well, you'll see. READ ON!

So maybe two months ago I started getting a bunch of Facebook ads for a thing called the FasciaBlaster. Here's the FasciaBlaster website. At first I blew the ads off, because--oh, you know. It's a Facebook ad. But one day, I allowed myself to actually watch one of the videos, and my interest was piqued.

So, you have to understand that I SERIOUSLY HATE HATE HATE watching videos. I really don't enjoy it. If there's an option to read a thing or watch a thing, I will ALWAYS choose to read. Youtube... I'm like allergic to it, guys. Not really. But it is NOT a place I ever frequent.
My FasciaBlaster! A top view. 

So it should say a lot that the next thing that happened was I went to Youtube and started watching videos about the FasciaBlaster. Video after video... it was blowing my mind. I didn't watch any from Ashley Black, just from random people who tried it. I was stunned at their results.

But a real FasciaBlaster is so expensive! I thought. I went to Amazon and ordered a $10 knockoff loser version that was totally not worth the money, guys. Save your money and buy the real deal because it is completely worth the money and completely different from anything else on the market.

SO then there were a few fruitless weeks with a loser knockoff fascia thing, and then I told myself: I need the real deal, and I just went ahead and ordered the real thing.


I don't have pictures because I am lame and don't take pictures of myself. But I was STUNNED when I got the thing. Blasting was easy, and it was so effective. I saw a difference after just a few times. Really, after the first time. I got it on a Friday and had lost two inches off my waist by Monday of that same weekend (I think I got all the stuff that was easy to clear that first time!). My butt has actually changed shape (is that TMI? sorry!!). My "I had three kids" baby sag-pooch thing on my lower abdomen is shrinking and the skin is firming up very noticeably. Again, sorry no pictures. Maybe I'll take some and do an update post in a few months.

BUT the really important results are not having a smooth tummy or cuter butt. The REALLY important results are that just using Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster has been helping my fascia heal both physically AND emotionally.

Since I started FasciaBlasting, I've had a number of breakthroughs that have been incredibly significant for me. They happened along with energy work and intuitive work, but I feel very strongly that these shifts were only possible because I started taking care of my physical fascia and dislodging the emotional gunk that was holding me back. Clearing my fascia has led to both physical AND emotional improvements in my life.


I just wanted to talk about a few of the emotional breakthroughs I've noticed in myself since combining FasciaBlasting and energy work.

The first one: a few years ago I had a falling out with my best friend. It was devastating. Literally since that day, it has weighed on me. Every. Single. Day. I have prayed about how to make it better. It has been an enormous emotional drain on me. I went to my bishop about it and he agreed that I didn't really owe an apology for anything but how else do you make something better, besides apologize? Even if you didn't do anything wrong? I had no idea. It's just been this big drain on my system for two years now.

AND over the weekend, it cleared. All of a sudden, I feel peace about the situation. I love my friend, I wish her the best, I hope we can heal and be friends again someday, and I also know that I don't need to carry the weight of all that anymore. It's gone. I do feel that an amount of that trauma was stored in the fascia in my tummy sag. A large amount of our conflict had to do with our children, so it makes sense that the trauma would be stored in the fascia over the womb.

Another thing: more motherhood trauma. The backstory is: I literally ate with silverware by the age of 9 months. At 9 months old, I was very literally walking, and talking, and eating with silverware, people thought I was a freaky doll, and from that very age I have been excruciatingly neat with my food. (My older brother was severely disabled so I benefited from an enormous amount of therapy and intervention as an infant. What early intervention can do for a neurotypical!)

Food messes... they have always been such a huge trigger for me. It was bad enough with my siblings growing up, but as a mother... well, you other mothers know that once you have kids, it's like everything is a food mess. For a naturally immaculate eater, this has been extremely traumatic for me. It sounds ridiculous, but just the normal day-to-day food messes of children has been really difficult for me to handle. I found myself feeling anger. Frustration. Disgust. Oh, more than anything, disgust. It has made motherhood really hard. Even despite all the energy work I have done to clear my issues with this.

This is another trauma I feel was stored in the fascia over my womb. As I've cleared that fascia, all of a sudden, it's like my energy work on this issue has been many times more effective. Honestly, I feel like clearing these fascia problems has enabled this issue to clear completely. I have been actually stunned. This is Day 11 of me being completely chill with my children. No yelling and no stomping from this mama. Not even when they spill enormous cups of juice all over the floor, not when my girl knocked a hole in the wall earlier this week, not when they tore up a giant thing of styrofoam and turned on the ceiling fan to make "snow" all over the basement yesterday (side story: I literally had to vacuum my WALLS over this and I only have a normal vacuum with no attachments... and I wasn't even bitter about it! MIRACLE!). It's like all my chronic frustration and anger and disgust with that kind of stuff is just gone. It feels amazing to be the mom I've wanted to be this whole time: calm, cool, collected, even when my kids are, you know, making choices that I feel are less than ideal or that make more work for me.

3yo happy at the kitchen table! 
Last night, my 3yo threw a giant fit at dinner because she wanted jellybeans for dinner. Normally I would have told her to get her butt in her seat and eat her dinner because you get what you get and you don't get upset. That's still the rule (you get what you get!), but last night I handled it differently, without even planning to. Last night, it was so weird: I found myself kneeling down to get on her level, and I just said: "Honey, you're tired, you're thirsty, you're hungry, and you need a hug." And I just hugged her until she sank into my arms, and then she said, "I'll eat my dinner, Mama," simple as that. It was so much nicer than my old way of being.


I recommended the FasciaBlaster to one of my clients, and she's been using it for maybe a few weeks. Just this past week, she finally broke through some stubborn thought patterns and I personally credit the FasciaBlaster for putting her over the edge with that one. You know I'm a big believer in energy work, but the reality is that our bodies need the proper support too: both nutritionally with the right food and physically with things like the FasciaBlaster to break up knotted up physical and emotional gunk!


Here is my conclusion:

- Got an emotional or physical problem that hasn't been clearing despite regular emotion work or meditation? Get a ::REAL:: on-brand Ashley Black FasciaBlaster from her website. And try it out. It is amazing! I do not get paid from this at all--I just really believe in it!! I have tried the knockoffs and they super suck! Do not fall for them thinking you will save time or money because you will not! Just put that money towards the real deal. This is like energetic detoxes. Energetic detoxes can go a long way, but many times they can't 100% replace physical detoxes. An energetic liver detox can be helpful, but it can't replace the real deal (link to my article on how to clear spiritual gunk from the liver via a physical detox cleanse--not selling anything). Similarly, clearing emotions from the fascia can do so much, but actually healing up the fascia through physical intervention adds a whole new (and I suspect, irreplaceable) level to the healing.

- Already blast and feel emotional when you do it? This is probably why--you're breaking up knots of emotions when you break up troublesome fascia.

Hope you all have glorious days! <3 Go blast some fascia! ;)


  1. I love this article...your testimony. I am in complete resonance with your message. I have really moved through some limiting beliefs that have holding me back from being (choosing) joy.

  2. This makes sense. I have been doing cupping and I feel lots of releases happening. Maybe the same concept of breaking up the facia applies to cupping. What do you think?