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Upcoming March class: Befriending Your Body

I am so excited for this class, I can barely handle it, guys.

But first: the story of how this all came about.

After my third kid was born, my body started giving me all these warnings. It felt like my body was in panic mode and I didn't know why. Eventually I read this article on postnatal depletion, and my body said: "YES! That is the problem!" So I super upped my vitamin intake and started really working on taking care of myself nutritionally.

Things improved... but not nearly as fast or as much as I had been hoping.

This is Laura. She is the actual best!
Obviously I am a big believer in energy work, which can make a huge difference, but the fact is that energy work can NOT replace nutrition. I could tell that my problem was a nutritional problem, but I didn't know how to fix it!

Enter Laura. My sister-in-law who is really more like my sister!! 

Last year, she sustained a traumatic brain injury that was unresponsive to her doctors' attempts at healing. She turned to nutrition for a solution and it changed everything. She became a nutritional therapy practitioner and I was one of the lucky ones who early on got to benefit from her expertise.

She has a 300-question questionnaire about my body and its workings, and she interviewed me to learn more about my body, and then analyzed it all to discover that my immune system was having problems (I already knew that), my sugar handling was problematic (eek: sugar addiction), and that my adrenals were seriously fatigued. What?! Now that I had not realized!

And even though I'd known about the other issues, I hadn't known how to solve the problems on the nutritional level my body needed.

She was able to recommend a targeted supplement routine for me that would support the exact internal organs of mine that were struggling. And seriously, guys: the first time I took my adrenal supplement... it was like I was alive again after an extended period of zombiehood. I could feel my body thanking me for FINALLY supporting it with the proper nutrition it had needed all along.

It has been an incredible journey. Since finally supporting my immune system nutritionally, I have gone from being sick every month--really every few weeks--to basically never being sick. Sometimes I get a sore throat for a morning and then by the end of the day it's gone. My sleep is better. My energy levels are better. I've kicked my sugar addiction. As of yesterday I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight (the one from autumn of 2014!) and basically I'm just thrilled with my results. I know it has come from that one-on-one consultation of finding out the exact nutrients my body has needed!

Here is Laura's website--be sure to poke around and notice her glowing reviews and testimonials (some of them are from me!).


I am so excited to team up with Laura for this upcoming class on Befriending Your Body. This will be four weeks in March, a combination of lecture and live Q+A, plus energy work aimed at supporting the body in its goals of physical and emotional healing and weight loss.

Laura will be leading off the four classes with a lecture on the body--and guys, her work is literally transformational. She's basing this course off another one I took from her earlier in the year, and that course way blew my mind. We'll be learning practical techniques for supporting our bodies nutritionally, and as a person who has been studying nutrition for half a decade now... I was blown away by how much new information I learned from Laura's last class.

After Laura's lesson and a live Q+A where you can ask about how to best support your personal body, I will be taking over with live group energy work.

This is me! Just since I
posted a picture of Laura
I thought I should post one
of me too. ;) This was from
our winter family pictures!
Thanks, Stephanie!
For that, I tune into the energy of the group as a whole, and then work on the things that come up--and what clears for one person clears for everyone who has that same issue. We'll clear weight triggers that keep your body plateaued in weight loss, fears about losing weight, and other emotions or energetic distortions that might be keeping you from meeting your body goals. We'll work on any sort of eating disorders that come up, both the diagnosable kind and otherwise. We'll work on body image issues, and of course organ support, if anyone's organ energies are holding toxic emotional energy that can be cleared. I will also be clearing any blocks that come up against nourishing the body and spirit generally.

And on top of that--guys--Laura just emailed me that she has already come up with a number of MEAL PLANS AND RECIPES that she will be sending to everyone after each lecture! Whoa!!! Even I was not expecting that. This is seriously a high-value course.

...AND she just emailed me again that she is also planning to hold weekly office hours online where you can talk to her directly about your personal body issues outside of class in a more one-on-one setting. Guys, I'm pretty sure she charges over a hundred dollars an hour for personal consultations normally, so this is an AMAZING DEAL. I am blown away.


Do I hear the sound of triggers going off in the background? "This sounds like a lot of work!" "How will this be different from the other things I've tried?" "This will just be another failure for me, just like everything else!"

This is what makes it different from everything else:

This class combines sound, foundational nutritional knowledge in a way that is easy to apply (no diet, no "program," no rules to follow), with profoundly effective energy work.

If you have not used energy work to help your body before, well: you should, it can make a huge difference. It gets to the emotional root of issues that are holding you back. Are you holding onto weight because of fears of the future? Do you have digestive problems because your body is unwilling to "let things go" or because you have trouble recognizing the good in life? These are things a typical dietician or doctor is not going to find and even if they did, they couldn't help you with it. This is where energy work is extremely effective. Going to the emotional root of physical problems.

If you HAVE used energy work before, and didn't see the effect you wanted in your body, well, this is where the nutritional information comes in. For me, a master intuitive healer, even I couldn't heal my body through energy work alone. I needed the right structural foundation from the inside out. Once I pinpointed what my body needed nutritionally, I was all set. Maybe you have done a lot of energy work that should have cleared up issues that persist despite. In that case, discovering these crucial foundational concepts for health are vital for that work to fully apply and allow your body to release the old patterns and weight, if weight is a thing you are struggling with.

This class will clear blocks to weight loss, as well as other healing, but it is about so much more than weight loss. It's about feeling energized when you get up in the morning. It's about falling asleep more easily at night and getting higher quality rest. It's about looking in the mirror and realizing you are beautiful TODAY and your body is a miracle TODAY and your body and spirit can be a TEAM!

It's about getting your body and spirit on the same page, feeling grateful and joyful. It's about being a friend to your own body... and realizing that your body wants to be a friend to you, too.


This is an interview I did with Laura about this class.

Here are some highlights:

0:45: the benefits of combining energy work and nutrition
2:03: the overall setup of the class
3:24: the philosophy behind the class
5:00: getting to a healthy weight because the body is HEALTHY, not because it is STARVING!
6:24: how this is about sustainability, NOT about being a "program" or a regimen or diet
10:53: how this course is uniquely personalized to YOUR specific body
11:43: learn my spirit vegetable (what's YOUR spirit vegetable?? I should make a personality test or something)
13:50: who is the ideal candidate for this class? Hint: people feeling betrayed by their bodies, people who have been trying to lose weight through diets, people frustrated with their mood or their energy levels day to day
18:03: healing mood through nutrition, releasing the power of the scale, getting to that point where you just LOVE YOUR BODY and you are so happy being healthy and looking great because you are healthy!


The class will be live online on Wednesday nights in March: 7:30-9:30 pm Mountain Time on March 8, 15, 22, and 29. Recordings will be available the next day.

This class is $220 if you pay in full, or 6 monthly payments of $40 (so you save $20 by paying in full). The button below is to pay in full--if you'd like to use a payment plan, or have any other questions, please contact me directly and we'll sort it all out! awinegarduzett @ gmail . com.

I am just so incredibly excited to share this class with you!!! We're going to TRANSFORM OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH OUR BODIES!!! I know you are going to love this class and how it blesses your body--and your emotions--and your whole life.

Registration will be open from NOW until the day class starts, Wednesday March 8.

PS. Since your body manufactures your emotions on a chemical level, clearing your body issues will also clear your emotional issues. Isn't that so exciting?

PPS. With the class, you get 4 incredible lectures on how to heal your body from the inside out via nutrition, PLUS 4 incredible energy work sessions to clear your personal blocks against body healing, PLUS recipes PLUS meal plans PLUS one-on-one time with a nutritional therapy practitioner during weekly office hours to discuss your own body. WOWIE WOW!


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