Friday, April 14, 2017

Substitutes for Sabbatical

Hello! Starting this weekend I will on sabbatical while I prepare for and then recover from PRK eye surgery (the cornea-challenged person's version of Lasik). I have prepared a number of other healers to go to in your emergencies!

Meriden Toombs is an energy healer who does emotion clearing and an event-based clearing technique I taught her. Her website is here and she does great work.

Beth Summers is one of my proteges and she does an eclectic energy healing that is different from mine. Her healing is based on creating a healing space--creating a situation where turbulent energy can release. She charges $75 per healing or $180 for a package of three. I have been impressed with the work she's done on me! Contact her at bethsummers @ gmail . com.

Wendy Cleveland is the creator of ThetaHeart healing and she is so good!!! I twisted my ankle the other day and just yesterday she worked on it and picked up so much information from my body. Go check her out here.

Cherlyn Jenkins does remote Reiki and intuitive work. We trade work all the time and I love working with her. Contact her at cherlynjenkins @ gmail . com to set up an appointment.

All of these women I work with and trade with regularly and I love what they have to offer. Their work is very different from mine but still effective! I urge you to prayerfully give them a chance! <3 <3 <3

I'll be back to work in mid to late May.

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