Monday, April 24, 2017

Archetypes in Retrograde

Hopefully you spent the weekend reflecting on the messages your soul is trying to communicate to you at this time. Once again, my obligatory link to the Gospel and Reading the Stars.

Today I want to talk about archetypes and how they fit into this Mercury Retrograde. 
Archetypes are patterns of ideas that are ingrained into what Jung called "the collective unconscious." 
Perhaps the best introduction to the concept of archetypes is to reference fairy tales. When I talk about the Wicked Stepmother, Prince Charming, or the Damsel in Distress, you know exactly what I'm talking about. These are types, patterns, archetypes that have been incorporated into our vast collective unconscious.

One thing I do in my work is archetype readings. Essentially, every person comes to earth with a panel of 12 archetypes that combine to create their personality. Sometimes people come missing an archetype or two, or three, and that usually comes with a sense of confusion about the identity. Usually installing the appropriate archetypes can clear that problem. 

But for the most part, people come with a panel of 12 archetypes that combine to create their personality. Here is a sample archetypal splay: 
  1. Personality, Ego: the face you present to the outside world-- Wounded Caregiver
  2. Life Values: ownership, finances, your relationship to earthly power-- Beggar
  3. Self-expression, Siblings: the power of choice-- Dilettante
  4. Home: establishing your emotional foundation-- Wounded Child
  5. Creativity, Good Fortune: erotic energies, including creativity, sexuality, and synchronicity/chance-- Saboteur
  6. Occupation and Health: seeking security in the physical world-- Exorcist
  7. Relationships: marriage and partnerships-- Sell-out
  8. Other People's Resources: stocks, inheritance, death and closure-- Defendant (Advocate)
  9. Spirituality: wisdom, publishing, travel-- Gambler
  10. Highest Potential: completing the integration of the self-- Disciple
  11. Interaction with the World: relating your creativity to humanity-- Victim
  12. The Unconscious-- Researcher
You can see here the twelve different "houses," what they represent, and then the archetype associated. A full archetype reading explains each archetype that applies to the client and has lots of questions for application. But this is a good sample of the basics. 

So if you have an archetype reading, go ahead and pull it out. If you don't, you can email me about ordering one before my rates go up in May or you can go to this website here and pray about or muscle test on what your archetypes are. I don't agree with this woman's analysis or her list of archetypes--I feel her list is incomplete and in my experience archetypes can be switched out as the kundalini is raised. However, it's a good starting place. 


So in your archetype chart, when planetary retrogrades come up, each planet in retrograde has an associated archetype whose Shadow side comes into play

On top of this, each planet itself embodies an archetype. For example, Mercury is the Trickster archetype. Venus is the Lover archetype. And so forth. So we can see how the different archetypes come into play with each planet, which is fun and exciting.

But really what I want for you today is to look at your chart and ask yourself, which of my archetypes is being brought out by Mercury retrograde? This is not a question your conscious mind can answer. It's something you'll have to muscle test on, pray about, or breathe about. To breathe about it, just ask, "is this archetype in play due to the retrograde right now?" and breathe in while reading each archetype in turn. The one that is in play will make you feel different in your chest when you breathe while reading it. It will be subtle but I believe in you! You can do it. 

Since Mercury is actually going retrograde through two separate signs right now, you may have two archetypes coming into play.

In our sample, that sample person has the archetypes of the Wounded Child associated with Taurus during this cycle and the Sell-Out associated with Aries. The Gambler for that person is tied to Mercury for this cycle.

So for the sample person, they might expect to see issues coming up this cycle associated with their childhood, how they are parenting or how they were parented, all relating to the Wounded Child; issues of integrity and employment relating to the Sell-Out; and issues of risk-taking and compulsion from the Gambler.

Of course, since so many planets are in retrograde right now, essentially your whole chart is likely to be in play. But it may be worthwhile to go through and ask your archetypes in your mind what messages they may have for you during this time of your life. This is a good exercise to do whenever you have something come up in your life that appears to have a message for you about something to change. 

Okay. I'm still in recovery from my surgery and can't read emails. I actually am writing this before my surgery and just setting it to send out now. So please send your questions and your experiences and I will love to read them--when my eyes are functional again! Even though you're getting my emails, I'm not getting yours yet. ;) 

Sending all the good vibes!! Take some time to connect with your archetypes today and see what messages they have for you this retrograde season!! 

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