Monday, April 17, 2017

Deal on sessions! and healing vision naturally

Good morning!
Good morning and happy belated Easter! What a sacred time of year. It's a bit late, but here is a beautiful and unique Easter song I enjoyed this morning. A friend called it "hauntingly beautiful" and I agree--it is! Love it.

Read on for more information about a deal on sessions, and some thoughts on healing vision naturally!
Time to book your sessions!
For the past few years I've been charging the same rate of $100/hr. Earlier in the year, I raised my rate up to $145/hr, but I will be raising it again soon and changing some things up.

BUT before I do that, I really wanted everyone to have a chance to book sessions at the rates I have held for the past few years.

And so, from now until the end of April, you can book up to three sessions at my most recent rates, with the first session being $100 and the subsequent two sessions being $145, with a special rate of $360 for three 1-hour sessions. This rate is per person, which is to say, if you wish to book for yourself and a child, you could book six total hour-long sessions. I have a limited amount of sessions I can offer at this rate so please email me ASAP if you'd like to reserve some.

After that, my rates will be going up to reflect my faster and more effective energy work, and to give me more time to really pamper the clients I have. I'm so excited to have the time and resources to really indulge my clients the way you deserve!!

Because I am having surgery next week, any sessions booked at this time will be conducted towards the end of May and through the months of June and July.
Upcoming Sabbatical
I'm having PRK surgery done next week--the cornea-challenged person's version of Lasik, and the recovery for the surgery is pretty intense. I'll be taking the next month off from energy work, so all sessions booked with my special April deal will be conducted after May 15, so my eyes have time to heal.

While I'm out, I've compiled a list of ladies to turn to in your energetic emergencies. Check out the list at my blog. They are all very good and I hope you give them a chance while I'm recovering!
PRK Story and Healing Eyesight Naturally
Deciding to do PRK was tough for me! I believe in the healing power of energy work for vision.

When I was in high school, my prescription was close to -8 in both eyes. But shortly after beginning to experience energy work as a client, I needed new glasses with a prescription of -5.75 which eventually became -5.25, where I am today. My eye doctor was very surprised to find that my eyes were getting better with age, not worse! 

But it turned out the doc was wrong, apparently. When I went in for my PRK consult, they discovered that my eyeballs are still around a -8... but even though my eyes are deformed to the tune of -8, my vision works at 20/20 with only -5.25 correction, if that makes sense.

Essentially: through energy work, my EYES haven't healed, but my VISION partially has. 

When trauma causes vision loss, what has happened is that the body has taken the things it doesn't want to see, and stores them in the optic region. Basically, you try so hard not to see something in your life, that it actually alters your vision system.

In the book Take Off Your Glasses and See, which I recommend, the author explains that in his ophthalmology work, once he started interviewing people, he found that they had invariably experienced a significant trauma 6-12 months prior to needing glasses. This need to not-see something in life affects the vision directly.

Since my vision has partially healed through energy work, I had felt very strongly that I ought to complete the process through energy work alone. But still part of me felt like now was the time to do PRK. I felt very conflicted about it. I reached out to another energy worker for insight, since sometimes it's hard to work on yourself. She said, "Your corneas just want love, peace, and joy."

And as soon as she said it, it was like I saw my corneas in my mind's eye, and you know what they said? They said "YES!! WE NEED PEACE, LOVE, AND JOY!" And they said, "WE WANT A HAIR CUT!!" They reminded me of how when people experience trauma, they often cut their hair in response. They said, "Just let us shave off the damaged tissue and start over! We want a hair cut!"

So I said okay, and here we are. In PRK, they essentially burn off the top layer of the cornea and then you have to regrow it--it's safer than Lasik but has a longer recovery time and is apparently pretty painful. So I will be out for a few weeks while I recover but plan to be back-at-em in mid-May.

Also, I forgot about this, but a client just reminded me about it--her son needed glasses after some trauma and we did some energy work for him... and now he doesn't need glasses anymore! Energy healing CAN improve vision, depending on the client's situation and experience.

And sometimes your body might opt for a corneal "haircut."

Vision care is like the rest of the care we take for our health: we use the best of the West and the best of energy work too. 
Have the best day!
And so--please email me directly if you'd like to schedule and reserve some sessions for the final time at this current rate, and otherwise have the best day of all!! I hope you all have the most fabulous week! 

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