Thursday, April 27, 2017

Learning from Mercury: Making some changes

Hopefully the past few days you have felt some shifts in your life as you've released some of the things that have been weighing on you. Today, here is another exercise to help you clear some of the burdens relating to the Mercury Retrograde. Here is the obligatory link to The Gospel and Reading the Stars
Mercury carries a message. Are you listening?
Yesterday, you hopefully got some unfinished business resolved. Today is a great day to continue that trend. Go ahead and block off some more time today to complete an unfinished task you wrote down for yourself yesterday. Even better would be to block off a few minutes up to an hour every day for the rest of the week, or even the rest of the retrograde. You can do hard things! As you set aside even just a few minutes a day to complete your unfinished business, you will free yourself up to step forward in faith and joy. You will feel a burden lifted. 
Today's exercise
Today's exercise will really help you get clearing these mercurial energies. Over the past few days, if you've been listening and doing the homework and paying attention, some themes about your life should have arisen. What are they?

Go ahead and write them down. What is the message of this Mercury Retrograde for you?

What are the changes you need to make?

Today's exercise is the simplest and the hardest of them all: today, you will write out the changes you know you need to make.

Then, you will create an action plan to make those changes. ​​​​​​​
As an example, we'll use Fictional Person Sally. Sally has been dealing with a lot of hard stuff in her life, and it only got worse while the retrograde was happening. Her car broke down, she lost her phone, she was late to work so much her boss called her in, she's behind on rent, her kid got suspended for violent behavior, and her estranged spouse sent her a bunch of creepy texts. Fictional Person Sally has a lot going on!

 In doing her exercises, she found a few themes in her life that were being brought up as part of the retrograde. 

In the Aries theme of leadership, she was dismayed to discover that she was not really leading her own life. It was like she'd fallen asleep at the wheel. She hated her job, didn't like her boss, and felt "lost at sea" when she thought about her life.

In the Taurus theme of materialism, she realized that she was struggling with severe survival and abundance issues: feeling like she had to struggle for every scrap that came her way. She realized she was rejecting abundance on a body level and self-sabotaging her job and financial means.

In the overall Mercury theme of messages from the shadow self, she realized that she was self-sabotaging and needed to stop. Some fictional solutions to her fictional problems were: 

  • Going to bed earlier so she could wake up earlier and get to work on time
  • Reducing time spent watching TV and messing around on the internet, and spending that time budgeting, planning, and connecting with herself and God instead
  • Daily Kundalini meditation to start clearing her subconscious blocks to success
  • Prioritizing her relationship with her son
  • Releasing unnecessary physical and emotional clutter clogging up her life 
  • Making plans to transition into a job she could enjoy
For Fictional Person Sally, as her creator and the person in charge of her story I am declaring that those were really good starts! 
Take some time to look at your life. Really list out the things that have happened in the past month or so and what effect they've had on you. What is the theme? What is the message? And just as importantly--what will you choose to do about it? Today is the day to begin making those changes. Make your plan and commit to setting it in action!


More later! 


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