Friday, April 28, 2017

Pluto retrograde: purging some toxins from your life

Today we're working on incorporating Pluto, which entered retrograde on April 19. Link to The Gospel and Reading the Stars

What things do you have going on that need to go? Pluto plays several roles: it digs up the things below the surface, in the "underworld" of our hearts. It helps us figure out where we fit into the world at large. It drags up our toxins and releases them.

I guess that makes today a good day to mention that I'm opening up my mentorship program for this coming summer--if you feel like that is something you want to learn more about, please email me directly. 

But back to business: Pluto. Where do you fit into the grand scheme of things? How do you fit into the world at large? I'll talk more about that tomorrow but for now, we're dealing with some yucky stuff.
Pluto is all about purging the "toxins" from your life.

The question to ask today is: What do I need purged from my spirit? 

For most of us, it's going to be something we don't want purged!

But the trick is to be brave. Ask in prayer how you can assist the purging process. We can humble ourselves, or have God humble us for us. But humbling ourselves is a much kinder process!

What do you need purged? How do you need to do it? 

You might get any number of answers. Maybe you need to purge those unnecessary piano lessons. Maybe you need to purge your own laziness. Maybe you need to purge a bad habit or even an addiction. Maybe you have a backlog of emotions and traumatic events you need released. Maybe you need to purge something physically--time for a colon cleanse? Liver cleanse? Anyone? 

Don't be afraid of what your body and spirit tell you they need. They are out to serve you. All of this is to help you grow. Maybe you have something you need to clear from your life that scares you. I'll tell you one of mine... I have a corner in my living room that is out of control!! Eek! The house "hotspot" for sure. One thing I personally need to purge is the unnecessary clutter in my house and I dread it. I've been plugging away at it but it just keeps going. But that's okay.

We just keep going.

We face the things we don't want to face. Because we are brave and WE CAN DO IT!!

You can do it.

If you want to, send me an email about what you're purging from your life this week. I'm still recovering from eye surgery but I can't wait to read it when I get back. 

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