Friday, April 21, 2017

Leadership and action: MR in Aries

Yesterday we talked a lot about Taurus--the earthly aspects of our lives. But this is a unique Mercury Retrograde, and this time around we're facing BOTH Taurean and Arien aspects of our lives equally during these three and a half weeks that are over halfway complete.

Today I want to talk about Aries, and the Aries aspects of our lives that are coming into play during this Mercury Retrograde (MR). 
Mercury Retrograde brings to our attention the things about our lives that are no longer serving us.
Mercury Retrograde in Aries
Aries is a powerful sign of the zodiac. I once blogged about how Margaret Mitchell used astrology in her incomparable Gone with the Wind. It should come as no surprise that Scarlett O'Hara is the Aries of the novel! Fire and action! 

This retrograde, in both Taurus and Aries, evidences how we on a global level are transitioning from an "Earth" time to a "Fire" time. So you can really see this on an international level as you peruse global headlines. 

Aries is the sign of leadership, action, dominance, beginnings. We can see how our world leaders are really coming under "fire" right now on the global stage. All of us on every level are dealing with the Shadow side of the Aries aspects in our lives. What darkness lurks in your soul relating to issues of leadership and action?  
Questions to ask for Aries
My dream for you this MR is to really get the absolute most out of it that you can. This is a time for GROWTH! and CHANGE! and all the good things!! Our shadows are being brought to our attention NOT to make our lives miserable, but so that we can CHANGE them. The universe is not out to get you: it is out to SERVE you and how it serves you is by orchestrating events in your life that bring your shadows to your attention so you can heal them.

And so: get out your journal or open up an email to me. Today, you'll be digging into the issues surrounding your own leadership and action. Please consider the following questions:

  • How am I a leader in my life? What about my leadership of myself might need to change? How would I make those changes? 
  • How am I a leader to others? What aspects of that leadership might need revision? How do I change that leadership and break out of old patterns?
  • In what ways am I being led? Who is leading me? Why do I let them lead me? Is this leadership good for me or bad for me? If it's good for me, are there ways I need to change in order to benefit more from this leadership? If it's bad for me, are there things I need to do in order to sever this connection? 
  • What "fires" in my life are going right now? Do they have a message for me?
  • What new beginnings am I being led to?
  • What "sparks" my inspiration? Am I in a place where I'm experiencing the fire or spark of passion and joy in my life?
  • How can I reposition myself and my behavior and my patterns so I can experience more of that fire for life? 
Homework for today
Yesterday, you hopefully considered a lot of questions about the Taurus aspects of your life. Today, I invite you to consider the Aries aspects of your life. Right now, you're just thinking about things. But I really urge you to write down the things that come to you. These things are important and have the potential to truly impact your life. As you dig into them, take note of the themes you're receiving.

Mercury is the Messenger: today your job is to receive the message. 

More later!

And please report on your themes if you feel so inclined! Remember, we're over halfway through with this MR so if you plan to take advantage of it, don't delay. Start now and take your own Infinity seriously. 

Hope to hear from you! 

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