Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Halfway through the retrograde!

Good morning! I'm on my energy work hiatus but my surgery isn't until tomorrow--I'm still able to use a computer so I thought I'd let you know the good news: this current Mercury Retrograde is halfway through, TODAY!! 
What is Mercury Retrograde? How does it affect me? 
Mercury Retrograde is a 3.5-week period that occurs about 3x/year, during which the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards through the skies. Here is my obligatory link to The Gospel and Reading the Stars.

The planets don't cause anything to happen; the planet Mercury is NOT physically causing things to happen during a retrograde (or any other time). The planets are symbols of what is going on inside every person on an energetic level. It has to do with Soul Contracts and the fact that by opting into life on Earth, we have a life plan and a life pattern that is tied to the Earth and the heavenly bodies reflect that timeline. Old school astrologers--in the Dark Ages!--believed that your stars determined your life. You know, like in A Knight's Tale (such a fun movie). But to me, and other, ugh, I hate this term, "New Age" star-readers, the stars don't determine anything if the person in question is conscious. When we understand the patterns of the heavens, we are able to put ourselves in control. Instead of life happening to us, we happen to life

Symbolically speaking, Mercury is "the messenger of the Gods," in Roman mythology. As far as the stars go, Mercury Retrograde (MR) is the time of year when everyone--personally, and nationally, and globally--receives the messages from their own spirits on what needs to change in their life. This is a time of receiving messages. In Roman mythology, Mercury/Hermes was also the Trickster, and we see this a lot with MR. Often, we'll see ourselves being "tricked" into receiving our soul messages through the means of having problems with our communication devices. Mercury Retrograde is a time when many people have computer problems, email problems, they lose their phones, all of that sort of thing. It's all the Trickster and the Messenger combining to trick us into facing the issues our soul has been avoiding.

MR is a time of facing the Shadow within our own souls. The thing is, we can choose to face it consciously, or not. Just like everything in life. We can choose to face our life consciously, or not. Years ago, someone gave me the advice to look down the road and begin researching now the information I would need for five years in the future. Amazing, amazing advice. When you do stuff like that, you are facing life consciously. When you plan ahead and are spiritually, emotionally, and physically prepared for the future, you are living consciously. When life is happening TO you, and you are facing just one thing after another and can't seem to get a break--that's the Shadow trying to get your attention.

The Shadow is basically the part of our inner self that is self-sabotaging. It's a long topic for another day. But suffice it to say that in MR, we face the self-sabotage part of our souls and are offered the option of living more consciously in the future. MR brings up our unconscious and subconscious blocks and forces us to face them.

If we're on top of things, we might notice that a Mercury Retrograde is coming up and plan ahead to be aware of what comes up. We might notice patterns, take inventory of where we are in life, and what direction things are heading in. 

If we're not on top of things, we might end up dealing with MR in the form of losing a cell phone, getting locked out of our email, or losing files on our computer. It's all stuff our own subconscious minds orchestrate in order to force us to face our internal issues. 

And so: this is a great time to start facing your internal issues!! Don't let this retrograde season go to waste!! 

Here is some homework for you today: Take some time and write down some patterns you have noticed about your life particularly since March 26, which is when we entered the Retrograde Zone during the Set-Up Phase. 

So write down the patterns and themes that are coming up in your life right now. I have all sorts of things to do in preparation for my surgery tomorrow but I feel like I'm ON A ROLL, GUYS!!!! So I think I'll prepare a few more emails about this issue for you and set them to be sent while I'm recovering. I'll have to answer your questions when I'm recovered but please, send your questions, send me your life themes you notice, send me your thoughts on how MR is affecting you. I would love to be your sounding board through this process! 

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