Thursday, April 20, 2017

What do your possessions MEAN? MR in Taurus!

I'm so excited to tell you more about Mercury Retrograde today! We are now officially more than halfway through with this unique time of year!

Mercury is "direct" about 80% of the time, so it's only about 20% of the time that we have the opportunity to deal with the stuff Mercury Retrograde digs out of our unconscious and presents to us. What a fun time of year--if we're being conscious about it! 
When Mercury appears to be moving forward in the sky, it is said to be "direct." When it appears to be moving backwards in the sky, it is said to be "retrograde." It is always moving in the same direction; what changes is our perspective.
MR in Taurus and Aries
This current MR is very unique and exciting because it crossed through both Aries and Taurus--and even more exciting, it does so half and half. That means this time of year we are dealing with our personal Shadow in both the Taurus and Aries parts of our lives.

Basically: this MR is a twofer. If you're living unconsciously, it's going to be a real bummer time of year. If you are living consciously, it's an amazing opportunity to face two Shadow aspects of yourself at once, and hopefully learn the lessons you came to earth to learn from them and MOVE ON!

Forward motion! Yes yes yes! 

Today we'll just be covering the Taurus aspects of this Retrograde. I'll be sending out information about the Aries aspects later. 
MR in Taurus
What is the "Taurus" aspect of our lives?

Taurus is an "Earth" sign, which indicates strong grounding capabilities and an earthy nature. Even if Taurus is not your birth sign, you still have aspects of Taurus in your body and in your life.

Taurus aspects of life deal with physical possessions. Monetary gain. Earthly comforts. Resources of all kinds. Quality. Taurus deals with the concepts of the divine embodied. 

So here are some questions to journal about as you progress through this retrograde. Remember, the goal here is to become conscious about what you're going through, so you can stop negative patterns that are being brought to your attention. 
Questions to Ask Yourself: MR in Taurus
  • Do I feel "embodied?" Why or why not? How do I feel "in" my body? 
  • Do I feel grounded? What are ways I could add more groundedness to my life? [Side note: Here is a link to five ways to get grounded]
  • What about myself is "quality?" Can I accept the things about myself that bring value to myself and others? Why or why not? [This is a great, great time to be reevaluating the value you bring to others--and trust me, YOU, yes, YOU, bring value to others. Part of this MR is trying to get you to realize this.] What messages are your life events currently sending you about your own value and how you allow yourself to be valued by others?
  • What physical possessions in my life are of quality? How do they impact my life and how do my physical possessions help me move forward in my divine path?
  • How can I use materialism and the physical world to bless the world and myself? How do I use materialism for spiritual good? 
  • What do my physical possessions MEAN? What do they mean to me, in my life, in general?
  • What is the meaning of what I have built for myself physically over the years? Does anything need to change in WHAT I am building for myself, HOW I am building it, or WHY I am building it? 
  • What is the overall quality of my life?
  • What issues of survival and abundance am I facing right now?
Homework to get the most out of this MR
Here's some homework for you: really ponder these questions. If you feel so inclined, send me some of your answers. I will love to read them. I may not be able to respond right away but I will read them as soon as I can. But either way, ponder these things and write about them. Really dig into your own psyche.

The goal is to get to the heart of what this retrograde is trying to get you to see about yourself. What in your life is begging for attention in the realm of physical well-being: materialism, money, health, possessions, security, survival? Identification is the first step!

So your first homework is to IDENTIFY!!

As you write things out, you may sense overall themes to your answers. The theme is what you're really going to have to face. 

Okay, more tomorrow. 

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