Saturday, April 22, 2017

messages of the quintuple retrograde

Good morning! So far this week we've been learning more about the current Mercury Retrograde, in honor of it being over halfway over! Whoo!!! A brief recap, plus my obligatory link to the Gospel and Reading the Stars

  • Mercury Retrograde is the time of year when Mercury appears to be transiting backwards. During this time of year, Soul Contracts relating to our inner dark sides come out for reevaluation.
  • Mercury is the Messenger, and now is the time to be receiving messages from the dark sides of our unconscious so that we can change them. This is a time for soul growth and changing the paths we're on.
  • If we are conscious about what's happening, we can choose to happen to life. When we are not listening to the messages our souls are trying to bring to our attention, life happens to us. 
  • This MR is taking place in both Aries AND Taurus, which is special and unique and a big deal because it is bringing us two messages at the same time. Please read the other emails for more about that.
This MR is taking place at the same time as several other retrogrades. Some astrologers are calling it a "psychic storm." 
Other retrogrades in play
Right now, we are also dealing with retrogrades in Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Can you even believe it?? 

Venus deals with our values and relationships.

Jupiter deals with expansion, higher learning, and ideas. 

Saturn deals with karma, the idea of reaping what we've sown.

Pluto is all about death and change and rebirth. 

And Mercury--as we've been covering for the past few days, Mercury is the Messenger. And Mercury is the messenger for ALL of those things. 

So by now Venus has already "stationed direct," or left retrograde technically, but it's still in its cool-down post-retrograde zone where people are still processing the message it brought. So these are all things to keep in mind. 

Essentially: right now is an optimal time to be consciously examining every aspect of your life and making some choices. What needs to change? 

This record-setting quintuple retrograde is an amazing opportunity to look for the messages our souls are sending us as far as our thoughts, the way we communicate, our values, our environment, our way of thinking, and how everything fits together in our personal lives--and how it fits into the grander scheme of our family, our community, our nation, our world, our universe. 
Here is a homework today: read this out loud! 

This is one of the messages of this quintuple retrograde. You. Matter. To. The. Universe. It just wouldn't be the same without you. ​​​​​​​
Questions to consider
You've had a lot of writing assignments from me this week and they continue today. Writing is such a powerful way to internalize the things you discover about yourself. You are creating a record of the things you are learning so you can look back on them later.

Today, consider: 

  • What messages am I being sent about the relationships in my life--including my relationship with myself? What changes might I need to make in my relationships generally, or in specific relationships?
  • What messages am I being sent about my thoughts and the way I am thinking? How do I need to expand my worldview? In which ways do I need to alter how I think? 
  • What am I being told right now on a spiritual level about the outcomes of my past desires and decisions? Which of my current desires and decisions might need to be rethought? 
  • What in my life needs a rebirth? How will I go about accomplishing that rebirth? 
  • How do I fit into the grander scheme of things? What messages am I being sent about my place and importance in the Universe as a whole?  
The thing that just keeps coming back to me is that YOU MATTER. That is my real message today. All the rest of this stuff--it's good, it's important, blah blah, but the real thing I hope you are internalizing here is that YOU MATTER.

We all deal with feelings of insignificance. But no one is insignificant. Your contributions MATTER to the world. They do. They do. 

And I hear some of you saying: what contributions? And you sound so skeptical. 

But I will tell you:

Your contributions in your family. In your home. In your job. When you go on a walk and smile at a person you pass. When you comment on someone's Facebook post and it lets them know you were thinking about them. 

You are the light in someone's life right now. Yes, you. You are. That's just how it works. We are all part of this vast whole and your contributions matter. They do. You matter. You do.

So this is all worth it. Taking this introspective look at your life: it is worth it. It is important. It matters. Because YOU matter. 

Maybe you're having trouble accessing your intuition enough to answer these questions I've been asking. So here, please accept some of my intuition. 

Here is my intuition speaking: All this stuff only matters because YOU matter. 

The planets in the heavens testify of YOUR importance in the Universe.

If your life feels like it's falling apart right now, it is because YOU matter and the messages of this current stage of the world are meant to help YOU grow and transcend and step into your own divine majesty. 

You are majestic. You really are. Yes, you. I love this list because even though this is an email list, I personally know almost all of you, even just through email. And those I don't know yet--well, email me already and let's be friends, guys! But even without that, I can sense your energies intuitively and I can guarantee that you are important. You are more important than you ever imagined. 

So you know what? Do the writing assignments or don't do them. It's up to you. But if what is holding you back is a feeling of unimportance, please take it from me as an expert on the human psyche: you are deeply important. And you are worth listening to. Your experiences and your Soul Contracts are worth listening to. 

And so I invite you to listen to yourself. Take yourself seriously. You are seriously a big freakin deal.

That's what I have to say.

More later.



PS. I'm still in recovery from my eye surgery so I will be delayed in responding to any emails. But I do read every one, even if I can't respond promptly. Sending you all the good vibes.

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