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explaining soul fragmentation

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One thing I run across with some frequency in my energy work is soul fragmentation. I know: even the name of it is weird.

Doctrine and Soul Fragmentation

A lot of times in energy work, there are things like this that pop up and seem weird--don't automatically fit into our preset ideas about doctrine. When this kind of thing pops up with a client, I just explain: this is the framework that we're working in. You don't need to believe any of it, but if working from that paradigm clears up the problem, that's the important thing.

So I want to explain soul fragmentation with the mutual understanding that the important thing here is that approaching certain issues from this perspective can make a positive difference in people's lives. To me, that's the important thing. There's a ton about the nature of souls that we don't understand. There is not a lot of official Church doctrine about the precise nature of souls, besides the verse in D&C 88:15:
And the spirit and the body are the soul of man.
That's kind of a definition, but it doesn't explain anything such as what souls are precisely made of, atomically speaking, or how they unite a body, or anything like that.

The issue of soul fragmentation is emphatically not outlined in official Church doctrine, but it is also emphatically not against Church doctrine. There is just a lot we don't know. The doctrine we have is the stuff necessary to eternal salvation. What I'm talking about is just not something that has outlined doctrinally.

The scriptures have to do with the spirit and the soul--but they are not an anatomy textbook of the soul or spirit. Just as the scriptures talk a lot about our bodies--who created them, why, what we're supposed to do and not do with them--but are not physical anatomy textbooks. The Bible doesn't explain how the body digests food, but it does explain kosher law, and the D&C explains the Word of Wisdom even though it doesn't explain the physical workings of the body it affects. Similarly, the scriptures teach us the do's and don't's for a healthy spirit, but don't explain how the spirit works exactly.  You wouldn't turn to the scriptures for instructions on how to set a broken bone, probably, but that doesn't mean understanding broken bones and how to set them is wrong. The scriptures exist to provide knowledge essential to our salvation. Anatomical knowledge, for either spirit or body, is just not essential to salvation.

Recap: I'm not making any doctrinal claims here, and I'm not making any anti-doctrinal claims here. I'm writing about something our doctrine does not really cover--which means it's not necessarily correct, but also means it's not necessarily incorrect, either.

For me, I use it as a useful paradigm. If, in a session, it comes up for a person, addressing the issue typically results in physical, felt changes, as well as changes in mindset and emotion and temperament. For me it is a tool. Whether or not soul fragmentation is "true"or doctrinal is, to me, secondary to the fact that when it seems to come up, fixing it causes a noticeable, beneficial change in those I work with.

So: Soul Fragmentation. What is it?

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Soul fragmentation can happen in times of trauma. Essentially, an event is so traumatic, the spirit itself fractures somehow and becomes kind of separate from the body.

If that happens, a typical person would experience some of these sensations:
- not feeling "all there"

- inability to get grounded or stay grounded
- feeling chronically empty or unable to be filled--both spiritually and even physically. This inability to feel filled can lead to overeating and obesity as the body attempts to compensate for feelings of not being close to the ground.
- feelings of missing something, an undefined something
- chronically reliving the same traumatic experience over and over
- lots of anger, feeling like you have given your power away to a person or experience

Often, in cases where we say or think things like, "S/he took a part of my heart with her/him when..." or "part of me died that day" or something like that, that is a verbal acknowledgement of the subconsciously understood case of soul fragmentation that happened as a result of a particular event.

How do you discover it?

You might discover a soul fragmentation through intuition. If, right now, you are reading this and you have a sudden insight or knowledge, "this is me!! My soul is fragmented!!," I would trust that as an indication that you are dealing with soul fragmentation.

Muscle testing is an easy and accurate way to determine soul fragmentation. You can muscle test:

- Is my soul intact? (If no, you have fragmentation.)
- Do I have more than half my soul united with my body? (After confirming fragmentation, it can be helpful to discover a percentage that has fragmented. You can muscle test to find out how much soul is unconnected to the body.)
- Did this happen more than X units ago? (Ten days, four years, etc. Narrow it down to a time frame if desired or necessary.)

You can ask how many pieces the soul has fragmented into, as well.

Finally, sometimes I can see if someone is fragmented because their spirit looks more transparent to me than it should. Healing the soul fixes that. So those are three ways to identify soul fragmentation.

Healing the Soul

To recover from this, you need to do a soul retrieval. This can be done in a theta state. This writer writes about experience with soul retrieval, and it looks like that person is pretty slow at it. I can usually witness a complete soul retrieval in maybe ten minutes or so. Often shorter, occasionally longer.

Important steps when retrieving soul fragments:

1. Call 100% of the person's soul fragments to one place. 
2. Clean them thoroughly and kick out any imposters--negative entities posing as soul fragments in the hopes of getting into the person. 
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3. Grow all the fragments into the current age of the person--if a fragment broke off 10 years ago, it will look like the person looked 10 years ago. Grow all the pieces into the person's current age, so they all look the same. 
4. Unite them all into one single fragment.  
5. Upload to that fragment all the lessons and wisdom the person has learned up until this point. I like to go ahead and add any information God wants placed there. I just ask for God to add whatever else is important to be added at the time. 
6. Ask if there is anything else that needs to be done. If yes, do that thing. If no, move on and: 
7. Unite the fragment to the remnant of the soul still in the person's body. 

I don't recommend trying this yourself unless you are very skilled at entering and maintaining a theta state. But you could try just praying for this process to be done and it could very well go through.

Everyone's situation is different. No two soul retrievals are alike. If you suspect a need for soul retrieval and reintegration, I recommend seeking a skilled and experienced soul retrieval practitioner.


Feeling not all there? Like something is missing? Can't help reliving the same experiences over and over again? You may be dealing with a case of soul fragmentation. Call someone who knows how to handle it and get reintegrated once again for greater feelings of peace and togetherness.

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