Thursday, November 12, 2015

stop, look, and listen: warning signs, and raising frequency

Feeling like you might be on the wrong path?

Our trials are our friends: they show us in which ways we are walking the wrong path. They are our warning signs, inviting us to make course corrections.

I just came across an article entitled 10 Warning Signs From the Universe. The list from the article includes things like stubbing your toe, arguments, injuries, and unexpected bills. The article avers that these are "an indication that you need to center yourself and adjust your frequency."
Stoplight courtesy of clipart.

When we experience negative events, it is often a reminder that we need to change up what we're doing--and more importantly, how we're thinking.

Coming from a low-frequency mindset attracts negativity into life. The more "off" the frequency, the more negative life becomes.

Do you know anyone like that? They don't just have a negative mindset--they also have major health problems, un- or underemployment problems, relationship problems, reputation problems. All of these problems are signals that are really only trying to help. Every external problem stems from an internal frequency problem, and the external results are there to help us realize what we need to change. An easy example would be, perhaps, obesity: overweight is a signal that we may not be treating our bodies appropriately. The course correction might involve a more healthful diet, more exercise, more sleep, or more love and self-acceptance.

Everything in the world works together for our good if we let it, and that means allowing our trials to act as our sentinels.

What trials are showing up in your life right now? What changes do they indicate may need to be made for you to be happy, healthy, wealthy, glad? I invite you to set aside some time to truly ponder these things and write them down.

Raising your frequency

If you have a lot of problems going on in your life right now, it might seem overwhelming to pinpoint specifics and start the course corrections. The good news is that generally raising your vibration will help clear these issues.

There are plenty of ways to raise your vibrational frequency, but here are just a few:
1. Meditate daily.
2. Ground yourself regularly (this may mean multiple times in a day).
3. Read your scriptures, go to the temple, pray.
4. Hydrate--drink up!
5. Commit to nourishing yourself with healthful foods.
6. Use the "Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" to help you clear your home of things that do not spark joy.
7. Forgive. Forgive people especially when they don't deserve it.
8. Eliminate blame from your life.
9. Spend time in nature.
10. Exercise.


The negative things that happen in life are helpful signals to us that something needs to change--either our choices or our thinking patterns. You have control over your own vibration. You can control your thoughts and you can control your choices. If you feel like you can't, it's time to raise your vibration by taking better care of your body and your spirit. Meeting with someone who works with subconscious programs can also make a big difference in your life.

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