Wednesday, November 4, 2015

shielding against negative energy

People give and send energy all the time. Every interaction you have with someone else is an energetic transaction--but even more than that, just thinking of someone creates an energetic transaction. This is one reason why it is so important to guard our thoughts.

Thinking negative thoughts about people actually sends them negative energy (often via etheric cords). This can manifest in a lot of ways, from physical injuries to depression to things just going wrong.

In my opinion, this is one reason why so many Hollywood people are so messed up--particularly young women. Female chakras are more absorbent than male chakras--the female energy body is receptive while the male energy body is emanating. So when a bunch of people hate an actresses's body of work, or even just her body, those negative thoughts and that negative energy are projected to her and absorbed by her, in a way completely different from how a man's energy would react. These young women become train wrecks. The effect of negative energy projections are far more pronounced in women than in men.

Thanks to spooky action at a distance, negative (and positive!) thoughts about others and objects don't just exist in our energy fields; a mirror of them is created in the other person's field as well. It's kind of like every negative thought exists twice--once in your space, and once in their space (or once in their space, once in yours, if they are the ones thinking about you). Reducing negative energy in your life involves reducing negative thoughts about others, and additionally shielding yourself against the power of other people's negative thoughts about you.

Shield! Image here.

One of the best things a person can do for themselves every day is pray for a shield against the negativity of others. Ask and ye shall receive. If you have trouble absorbing other people's negative energy, this is the number one place to start. Shield yourself through prayer and putting on the armor of God through scripture study, faith, and acting on the Spirit, as outlined in Ephesians 6.

Participating in a daily kundalini meditation practice will also help shield you by strengthening the energetic body and making it more resistant to attack.

When things come through the shield

First off: if you're not shielding and meditating, you are partially responsible for it when other people's negative energies get through to you.

However, sometimes things come through the shield even when you are on top of shielding and meditation. One person has been remarkably consistent in sending me personally vast amounts of hate energy, and every time I find myself thinking something unkind about this person, I know now it's because that person is busy thinking about me. I have to cut the energetic cord that this person created to me, and then redirect it and shield again. An effective form of shield is one with the properties of a mirror--the mirror bounces the energy off you. You need to be clear about where the bounced-off energy goes, though--it can bounce off you and lodge just about anywhere without direction. For me, I program my mirror-shield to "return to sender" with a message of, "that's not very nice!" The intention is that the sender will pay greater attention to the effects of their negative thinking.

Engaging with negative thoughts about others just strengthens the negative energetic cords that have formed. It is best to let those types of thoughts go if you can, rather than entertain them. Take a deep breath and let them go.

Sometimes even strong shields are not effective when the other person involved is someone you actively love. At some level, the subconscious is invested in helping those you love, and so is receptive to even negative cords being formed with them (a cord is a cord, right?). Set the intention to stay free and clear of negative energetic cords and follow up with a refusal to engage in negative thinking of others... no matter how much you may feel they deserve it!


If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, you are generating negative energy. Time to nix it and shield! Whenever a negative thought is thought, it exists in the space of everything that the thought is about. Shielding with a mirror-shield can be very effective.

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