Wednesday, November 18, 2015

spirit rips

I recently discovered a thing called "spirit rips." I've never heard of it before, so I thought I would write about it.

The first thing that came up when I Google-imaged "energy
leakage." Similar to a house, there are lots of ways human
energy can leak! Image here.
I was working with someone whose energy had chronically felt "leaky." Like, no matter what she did, it felt like she was leaking energy all over the place. 

Typically when that happens, it can be solved with a couple of different techniques. Often, leaking energy involves holes in the aura or arcline, which are easily healed. Sometimes you might find an energetic shunt, a type of energetic weapon meant to drain a person's energy, and then you could just pull out the shunt and heal the affected area. Sometimes the drain is a literal drain that you can plug. Sometimes there's a hole in a chakra that needs to be healed up and shielded.

So I was working with this person for leaking energy, and I couldn't figure out why she kept leaking. Finally I thought to ask God about it (duh) and got the answer: a spirit rip.

I called up the image of the rip, and saw a close up of it. It looked like a piece of silky, ethereal white shiny fabric had been ripped, and the rip was seeping kind of star-like, sparkly dust. Like glitter, but more star-shaped.

I commanded for the rip to heal, and the person I was working on said that it felt like mud or a mask or something had been placed on her nose and third eye, sort of patching up the hole.

The mud over the eyes reference reminded me of this story from the Bible.
Image here.

Anyway, sealing up the rip seemed to solve the problem. After the session, I scanned myself for spirit rips and found two of them which I subsequently patched back together. I haven't noticed a giant difference in myself yet, but clearly they weren't very significant problems to me or else I would have noticed the rips sooner.

You may have a spirit rip if:

A. You muscle test positive for one
B. You see one with your spiritual eyes
C. You intuitively feel that you have one.

These can be healed through theta healing or probably just by praying in faith that the rips will be healed immediately.

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